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Anonymous asked: Hello! For my English project we got assigned a theme and we have to find poems about it, and I got space ? I was just wondering if you had any poems about space or of you could right one ( you are my favorite poet ) thank you!!

What sort of space are we talking about? I have four that vaguely have something to do with it:

Young Explorer


Celestial Love

Shattered Starlight

Space/Earth in general is one of my favourite things to write about, so let me know if you can use any of these! If not if you send me something more specific I might be able to write one for you x


I’ve just set up a new blog that will be completely focussed on you guys. You can start submitting work to be posted from now, and if you are a writer or like reading people’s work I would recommend following it. You might just find your new favourite writer!

It’s aimed to let people get more exposure for their poems, as well as allow them to get feedback on their work.

Since it’s only new I’d love people’s opinions/ideas, feel free to send them to me!

(Yes I did feel like quite the genius coming up with that name)

Anonymous asked: what is the poetic underground? is that your self name as a poet or is it a group/club???? it sounds like a name for a group…just wondering

I feel like it’s a bit of both. It’s the name of my blog and the way people recognise me as a poet, but at the same time I want it to be more than that, like a place where people can come together to appreciate poetry. Everyone that follows this blog is part of the poetic underground, and I’d love for it to feel more like a community than just me posting poems. Does that make sense?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought about weaving in how people are technically formed from the dust of stars that exploded in the past into your poetry? I've always found this immensely poetic that the stars are, in a way, our origin.

I’ve written about it vaguely in this poem but it is honestly one of my favourite things to think about. I love all things astronomy related and knowing things like this make me feel okay whenever I’m having a bad day xx

writingthroughtears asked: I do rather enjoy your blog. Every poem inspires me in my writing. And even reading the messages you get makes me smile. However, I'm looking for some other good poets on tumblr. Who are some of your favorites? Or who are you following? Thank you!

Thankyou so much! People send me the loveliest messages, and I print all of them out and stick them in a notebook to read whenever I’m feeling down. I’m so thankful for everyone who follows me.

As for poetry tumblr’s I actually follow very few, but the ones I do follow are gorgeous, including:


wildflowerveins (<— My absolute favourite)


Anonymous asked: Would you ever be opposed to a reader having your words tattooed?

Never! I think that someone wanting to have my words on them for the rest of their life is absolutely amazing, and if anyone ever did they should definitely send me a photo! It would make my life!

Anonymous asked: Celestial love is amazing!!! His old are you?!

Thankyou so much! I’m 18 :)